Restrictions on baggage


Due to the terrorists attacks in recent years, new baggage regulations have been introduced by the British Airports Authority (BAA). These are listed below:

  • Only a small piece of hand luggage can be taken onto a plane
  • Medicines which have been prescribed must be checked by the airport pharmacy before they can be taken onto the aircraft
  • Milk for babies must be tasted by the parent before it is allowed onto the aircraft
  • Electrical items must be taken out of the bag and put onto a tray so they can be scanned.
  • Everything is booked and arranged in advance, you just turn up, park and fly.
  • Wheelchairs and pushchairs must be scanned before they are allowed onto the aircraft
  • Food is allowed onto the aircraft at all times
  • If you are travelling to America you cannot buy cosmetics, toiletries and any form of liquid from the duty free area and take them onto the aircraft. For all other destinations it is fine to buy these products and take them onto the plane.
  • Many items are banned from hand luggage, these include: lip stick, lip balm, toothpaste, lotions, hair gel, perfume, deodorants, aerosols, liquids, cigarette lighters and any sharp objects. There maybe other items that may be banned so please check with your airline before you travel

Distinguishing your luggage

Try and make your suitcase unique to others as a lot of luggage can look alike and the last thing you want is to go away with someone elses case. Always label your luggage and tie a bright cloth to the handle bars so that the case is easily recognisable on the carousel belt at the airport.

The most important thing about luggage is that it should be easy to use and carry around. Most luggage these days come with wheels and an extendable handle bar so moving around with your luggage will not be a problem

Below are a few things to look out for when buying luggage:

  • Buy luggage for the practically factor and not just because it matches the colour of your shoes
  • Make sure the luggage has a guarantee
  • Try and get one with wheels and an adjustable handle

Luggage which is lost or damaged

If you think your luggage has been lost then inform your airline quickly to find out what the procedures are regarding lost luggage but usually you have to fill out a lost luggage form.

If your luggage has been damaged, again contact your airline immediately and register a compliant before you leave the airport. After logging the complaint, you will get a reference number, make sure you quote this on your insurance forms so that there is proof of damage when the insurance company investigates the matter

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Check with your airline before replacing lost/damaged items in case they do not reimburse you
  • Travel insurance does cover for much of your things but extra cover may be needed for expensive objects

Baggage allowances is a subject which a lot of people over look. People assume that it is the same allowance across every airline but in fact it varies from airline to airline and international flights to domestic flights. If you go over your allowance you will be expected to pay for the extra weight which could be very costly.

As the baggage allowance does change from time to time we have provided you with links to all major airlines below so you can check your up-to-date allowance for yourself:

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