Types of Flight Tickets

One-way or round trip

There are two types of plane tickets you can purchase; one-way and round trip. A one-way ticket is from location A to location B where as a round trip ticket includes the return flight. Some people do not know how long they intended to be in a specific location hence opt for one-way tickets as with a round trip ticket there is a charge for changing dates on the return trip. One-way tickets are mainly for long holiday makers, business people and for emigration purposes. People who generally go for a holiday use the round trip ticket as they know when they need to be back home.

Fare Type

Every airplane is created into several divisions to hold diverse passenger capacities and classes; this means that within an airplane, passenger classes exist depending on the cost of each person's ticket. There are many different types of airline ticket classes, it all depends which airline you are flying, the most common ones are, First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy which are described below:

First class

This is the most expensive and comfortable type of airline ticket. The seats are fully reclining with very large amount of leg room, a work station and TV. Food and drink is of the highest standard prepared from leading chefs worldwide. The first class cabin is usually restricted from business and economy class passengers. First class also gives you other perks such as - fast track security, access to airport lounge to wait in comfort for your flight, more baggage allowance and complete on-flight entertainment ranging from 100's of movies, music cd's, books and interactive games.

Business Class

Business class is of a high quality and is traditionally purchased by business travellers. It is high that domestic first class and economy class but lower that international first class. There are many international airlines who offer business class as their highest level of sitting. You will have less leg room then first class and other perks but will be more than comfortable during your flight.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy has slightly better seating then Economy Class and is offered by some airlines. It is also known as travel class. The distance between the row of the seats is more than the normal economy class but the width of the seat is usually the same or very similar. You will also get a high level of in flight entertainment and maybe a dedicated cabin crew.

Economy Class

Economy class is the basic class and is normally purchased by leisure travellers. It is also known as coach class. It is the lowest class of travel and it has very limited leg room and service but is very favourable as it offers the cheapest price for seats. Only long haul flights will provide food, short haul flights will provide you with a drink and a snack.

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